Hello, folks! You’ve just traveled into my about me section, welcome!!!
I don't know how to introduce myself in a brief and precise way so I made it into a FAQ style.

Q: Basic self-intro?
My real name is Sarah Tan but I prefer to be called as Sai. I was born in Metro, Manila and grew up in Cavite, Philippines (so yes, I’m a proud Filipino-Chinese). I am 21 years of age and turning 22 this 1st of December.

Q: Are you still studying or working?
I’m still a student. I am processing my requirements these days for transferring to Lyceum of the Philippines University. My previous school was St. Dominic College of Asia.

Q: When did this blog start and what kind of learning can we get from reading your articles here?
This is a personal blog so apparently, all of the articles that will be posted are from my own point of view and experiences. For this reason, you can learn from the details that you can gather here as I’m also planning to post some tips and guides regarding travel, beauty, and lifestyle (soon). As for when did I start this blog, it's November 6, 2016.

Q: Can you show or tour me around Cavite or nearby places?
As for just showing around, it depends on the availability of my schedule and of course for the budget because it will take a lot of time, dedication and a proper plan for you to enjoy the tour with me.

Q: Do you do photography?
Nope, but I'm open to the idea that a professional would instruct me.

Q: Are you open for collaborations?
Definitely! I’m just starting but I hope to do some collaboration someday with other bloggers/You-tubers.

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