♥ Cry yourself to sleep. Do this until the day comes your eyes grew tired of crying for the same reason.

♥ Cut out all your means of communication or reduce contact with him. This will prevent you from monitoring what he’s doing or seeing how well he’s doing without you. 

♥ Share your pain with your family/trusted friends. They may not give you the best advice or pain reliever for your heartache but knowing that there are people who love, understands and will always be there for you might help.

♥ Meet new people. Do this not for the sake of replacing him but to rebuild your self-confidence and to have less time reminiscing your past with him.

♥ Deal with the pain. We should also learn how to deal with heartbreaks just on our own. Our friends may not always be there to accompany us anytime we want.

♥ Accept. Just accept the fact that his love for you no longer exist. It’s done. He’s done with you.

♥ Forgive. Well yea, to forgive someone who wronged you is hard but this is just a part of the 1st step in moving on. Forgive him for betraying you. Forgive him for intentionally/unintentionally hurting you. Forgive him for leaving you.

♥ Know that God has a better plan for you. Maybe G introduced you to him for you to become stronger, to be able to learn how to deal with pain and to be reminded that losing someone would not mean it’s the end of the world.

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