READING   Tumblr posts of the blogs I'm following.
WRITING   draft notes in my journal.
LISTENING   to Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue and to whatever song my sister wants me to play.
THINKING   about my goals for the incoming semester.
SMELLING   calamansi scents.
WISHING   everything will flow smoothly regarding mom's plans.
HOPING   that things go according to plan, because I’m so ready for a new adventure.
WEARING   my pair of pink pajamas. It looks so cute! :)
LOVING   the Reese's spread mom bought for us (I'm planning on making a review for this one).
WANTING   a new phone and a handy vlogging camera.
NEEDING   to start running cause I'm starting to gain more wait, ugh.
FEELING   excited about going back to school after a couple of months.
CLICKING   random playlist on Youtube.

And this is how I'm currently spending my Sunday.

Note: For those who do The Sunday Currently blog posts but do not give credits to the original owner, please reconsider giving one. As a blogger, we all know that it's the PROPER THING to do. Kindly consider giving the credit to the rightful owner. Thank you!

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