Hi guys!!! ♥ Lately, I've been reading a lot of articles regarding this link-up and found it as a very interesting way for me to share what has happened throughout my day. So before anything else let me share this to you, the list of things that made my Friday happy.

Welcome to my FIRST Friday's Happy List: (Things that are listed below either made my day productive or made me smile.)

  1. I have been accompanied by a childhood friend this whole day. It's been almost a year since the last time we've hang-out mainly because of our complicated schedules in school.
  2. I feel like I'm home being at LPU-Cav. I just felt like I'm going to love my whole stay here. Everything and everyone seemed to be nice and bright unlike in the previous university & school I've been to.
  3. A doctor (uhm.. wait, I really don't know what his profession is but I'd like to assume he is one. Hehe.) gave me a confidence booster by telling me that someday I might be a known blogger/vlogger too. Oh God, that one really made my day. We all know that being a blogger posting articles, be it a random post or an informative one, is not that easy wizzy. We have to think of something unique, interesting, something that our reader may find helpful or simply an article that can make them feel motivated or inspired. Such a person that listened to my personal tragic stories in life yet gives me words of empowerment? That's a blessing from God. :)
    (Hi Sir! I don't know if you can manage to have time to visit my blog but I wanted to say THANK YOU, again. Haha! May God bless you more and I'm looking forward meeting you po again by the time I'm finished studying. Take care sir!)
  4. We have to buy a blank map and a set of pink Cattleya fillers for our Domestic Tourism course but I spent a lot of time finding a store where there is a set of pink fillers. Sadly, there is none but at least I managed to find the blank map and also bought a storage for my school papers.
  5. Recently found that there are new K-Drama series uploaded again at Kissasian. I can't wait to watch all of their first two episodes and I don't know which one should I start first!
  6. I decided to try the Nature's Spring's flavored water drink and compare its taste to B'lue's flavored vitamin water. (I'll give you my opinion about the comparison of those products this weekend.)
  7. Put 3 bills inside my savings box.
  8. Photocopied documents for my tuition's discount are all set. All I have to do is submit them tomorrow.
  9. I believed that God gave me the things I needed  for this day, and for that, I feel very thankful and blessed. (I can never have a happy day without receiving His grace.)
  10. My mom cooked lomi for our dinner, everything about mom's cook will be a part of my happy list (it simply completes my list ♥).
So guys, what things/happenings made you feel happy lately? Comment down below! I'd like to hear yours. :)

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