READING   news articles about the happenings in the Philippines for the past 10 years.
WRITING   my own ideas regarding our first homework in domestic tourism.
LISTENING   to "Sila" by SUD.
THINKING   when can I claim my school ID.
SMELLING   residual odor from the termite spray cause it's all over our room.
WISHING   my dark under eyes won't show up this morning.
HOPING   that our professor in rhythmic will turn out to be a nice person.
WEARING   a white shirt and comfy shorts with green stripes.
LOVING   my entire day cause I've done a lot of things.
WANTING   a peaceful day later at school.
NEEDING   lots of sleep.
FEELING   tired.
CLICKING   YT videos of itsJudysLife.

Seems that it is more than an hour late for me to post this, but, uh nevermind. Let's just pretend that I've done posting this right in time haha. I'm sorry, it's just because I'm busy helping my mom assist the worker to renovate our room and all I can remember is that I feel tired, sleepy and hungry and all. I'll try my very best to keep this blog updated. God bless everyone! 

Note: For those who do The Sunday Currently blog posts but do not give credits to the original owner, please reconsider giving one. As a blogger, we all know that it's the PROPER THING to do. Kindly consider giving the credit to the rightful owner. Thank you!

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